They Tried To Break Into My House! 🏡

Can you believe it?

Someone tried breaking into my house!

I was at work and I got a call from my wife…

She said our alarm company called her and that our alarm was going off…

So I came home to check on the place… pulled out my emergency knife from my truck and walked around the outside of my house to make sure it was ok to go in.

Everything looked good except one window where someone obviously tried to pry the window open.

Here’s the God thing…

The alarm was set off by the motion detector, not the window alarm… The window sensor would not have gone off until after they had opened the window and gotten in.

The motion sensor is not even in that room so I’m thinking an angel had to have set off the alarm to scare the person away so they couldn’t steal anything or do any real damage.

There was no reason the alarm should have gone off as early as it did.

It was all God!

The only real issue we will have to deal with is a little bit of damage on our window trim…

As a bonus; now the neighborhood knows we have an alarm 😄

I just had to share that quick praise report of God’s protection for our house!


P.S. It’s looking like October 3rd will be the start date for our Bible study with the Jahova’s Witness. I’m really looking forward to going through the Bible with him!

I know he’s got plans to convert me but that’s ok, I’m planning the same for him!

I’ll keep you posted once we have an official start date and location.  If you are in the area you are more than welcome to come and bring your lost/curious friends!

P.P.S. This will probably take place at a local coffee shop (I already have one in mind) so if you’d like to support the work through buying me a coffee ☕️ you can do that here: