What About The Hopeless?

Thanks to my new job I’ve met more prostitutes in the past 2 weeks than I have in my entire life.

If there was ever a need for Holy Spirit anointing, this is it.

It’s one thing to be able to help someone who wants it but the lady’s I’ve met don’t seem to want help.

I get that people will hide their hurt and act like everything is fine, especially when they are obviously under the influence, but that’s not what it is…

I get the feeling they just don’t have hope for anything better (or the jobs they would qualify for would mean more work and less pay).

For the moment let’s focus on the lack of hope.

It’s amazing what a lack of hope will do to a person.

They will give up on their dreams, give up on their family, give up on life in general…

When I was a young Christian learning all these new and exciting things about God I thought everyone would be as excited as I was to learn what I was learning and I was certain that soon the whole world would be in revival.

That was not the case.

I had hope for a megachurch and city revival… I had plans to reach all of California and eventually the whole U.S.

Over time, after multiple setbacks, I lost hope.

It broke me to the point that I was just going to sit in my happy home, in my happy chair and read my happy Bible alone.

I lost vision.

I lost purpose.

I lost meaning.

Hope requires all those things.

For the lady’s I’ve been meeting on the streets I don’t know how to give them that.

They’ve heard it all before and they tell me, “God bless” and that they’ll “be praying” for me.

That’s right; they speak Christianese.

They know powerless religion all too well.

Only Holy Spirit can give them hope.

Only an encounter with God can restore them.

I don’t yet know how to be that light for them but I’m asking God for that anointing.

What about you?

When did you lose hope?

It’s a season we all go through.

It’s something we all must overcome.

Sometimes it’s just one small step at a time but it’s easier together.

Come join my Facebook group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/CoffeeMindSpirit/ – and let’s work together to restore hope in each other’s lives.