When I Met My Mentor

It was probably about 13 years ago… I had just recently returned to the Lord.

My church at the time was hosting a winter retreat for the college/young adults group. I remember all my friends talking about what they were going through and what they wanted to hear from God about on the trip.

The guest speaker that weekend did something I’d never seen before… after the sermon (very inspirational I might add) he proceeded to call up a couple of my friends. Knowing nothing about them he proceeded to tell them what it was they wanted to hear from God. It was something along the lines of, “you wanted to know ____, God is saying ____, and He wants you to know that He is with you and loves you.”

My friends would then burst into tears knowing that only God could have told the minister what he had just shared with my friends.

I was blown away.

I was also a little confused at the time. If we, as Christians, have the power to do this, why isn’t it something we do every day, or at least at every meeting?

That was the day I realized my calling: To teach Christians how to move in the gifts of the Spirit and to make it the norm in the body of Messiah.

I got the ministers card determined to find out more and learn everything I could about what I had just seen. I called him and got a book list… after finishing those books I called and asked for more. Soon, I was calling him and asking when we could get together. I was relentless, I didn’t leave him alone until eventually, we became friends.

It was not long after that I gave my first prophetic word.

It started off small, I saw a simple word “deliverance” over my friends head. I didn’t get anything else from God so I told my friend what I saw. I thought maybe it was because my friend was smoking and he was going to be delivered from cigarette addiction. Ha! God was working on a much larger scale than I could have imagined.

My friend shared with me that he had been waking up not able to move and seeing objects in his room get moved from one place to another. He had been freaking out because of it but now he had peace because he knew God was putting an end to it.

My mind was blown. And I was hooked.

Meeting that minister changed my life. It sent me on a new trajectory and gave me a mission. It was because of him that I found my purpose and I pray that through my work here I will be able to do the same for others.

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