Where Are The Angels?

Vanessa and I like to play a game every once in a while called “Where are the angels?”

It’s a fun game for strengthening your discernment and increasing your awareness of the spiritual realm.

When we were first learning to see in the spirit we’d ask each other, “How many angels are in the room?”

Then we’d both begin to pay attention to what was going on in the spirit realm and count how many angels we became aware of.

Once we’d taken a few moments to check the room and ask Holy Spirit to reveal them to us we’d share the number.

Inevitably we’d end up with the same number and get super excited.

This very quickly lead to the next question, “where are the angels?”

This was where it started getting really fun because not only were we getting the same number of angels we were also seeing them in the same parts of the room!

Mind blown.

Here’s why this game is so important:

Anytime you are feeling alone or unsure of what is going on around you, you can stop and ask yourself, “Where are the angels?”

Once you ask and Holy Spirit reveals where His army is, you can be at peace knowing that God is taking care of you even though you thought you were alone; just like when Elisha prayed for his servant’s eyes to be opened and he saw the army of angels there to protect them!


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