Why I Take Action

It seems like as soon as I began working on this training series for spiritual warfare everything has just been difficult. It’s like I’m walking uphill in the mud.

It’s like all of a sudden every little critter in the area has turned its attention to me.

It seems as if I’ve lost all motivation for anything other than watching TV… and I don’t even like watching TV…

It’s times like this when you need to truly remember your “why.” If you do not have a great reason beyond yourself to do something then you will never be able to accomplish anything great.

Every time I want to sit back and turn on Netflix I have to remember what it is that is driving me. Why I am doing what I’m doing.

What is that reason you ask? I want to change the world…

That’s vague Andre what do you mean by that? I want to change the face of Christianity in one generation…

Sounds like fluff Andre… make it practical:

I was created to show God’s people the reality of the supernatural world and the supremacy of God’s kingdom!

There it is… that’s my “why.” That is what I must remember every time I don’t feel like doing something.

What is your “why”? What is your driving force?

Question: What gets you motivated and taking action when you’d rather just stay in bed? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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