The Worst Thing About Mission Trips

The worst thing about mission trips…

They completely ruin you for pew warming.

You simply can’t compare a Holy Ghost journey in full of mystery, supernatural healings and deliverances along with some potentially life-threatening danger just around the corner all completely out of your control with passively sitting in a scripted, air conditioned, predictable, perfectly timed, well-oiled machine.

Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying. I’m not saying our weekly meetings aren’t needed… I’m just saying they aren’t able to scratch every itch.

Look through the pages of scripture.

What is the one common factor with everyone you see once they are filled with Holy Spirit?


There is a deep need in the heart of every Spirit-filled believer for a Holy Ghost adventure.

I’m even going to say that it is because this adventure is largely missing from Christianity today that we find so many people, men especially, leaving the church.

Men were created for action.

Sitting in a pew is not action.

Going out and winning souls and changing the world is action!

Our weekly meetings must be there to inspire action! I’m not talking joining the team of ushers, I’m talking, “you are here at this meeting because we are equipping you to bring the gospel to a hurt and dying world.”

You want men back in the church? Give them what their souls crave: adventure and purpose.

These are just some of the things I’ve been thinking about as we prepare to begin our weekly meetings…

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